Renovating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Having that beautiful spa like bathroom with a sunken whirlpool tub and separate shower stall along with his and her sinks may sound like a dream, but for many of us that is just not feasible.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful bathroom without spending a ton of money.  Many homeowners are hesitant to take on a bathroom renovation because they are worried about not be able to use the bathroom or having to take on plumbing issues.  Don’t be afraid with the right contractor you can have a new bathroom quickly and for less than you expect.

Renovating Your Bathroom on a Budget


The first concern homeowners have is with the plumbing and whether they will have to spend a fortune replacing bathroom plumbing.  That doesn’t have to be a worry, if you replace your sinks make sure that they line up with the current one.  This eliminates the worry of having to change the plumbing.  Rearranging how your bathroom is laid out is what makes the job far more complex.

Replacing your vanity and sink and connecting the water to the new sink only takes a couple of minutes.  A contractor can get this job done in less than an hour, check with a few contractors to get an estimate on what you want done and your options.

Replacing your bathtub or shower and redoing the plumbing can be a little pricey.  However, instead of replacing these bulky fixtures, you can simply refinish it.  Bathtub refinishing is a cost effective way to pretty up your tub, shower and/or tile surround without having to endure a messy, time consuming, and costly “gut” job.

Shelving and Storage

The bathroom is the smallest room in your house yet it is still one of the most frequently used.  On top of being a small room there are plenty of things that need to be stored in there for day to day use, that means you need to get creative on how you use the space.  There are tons of options available to you for sinks and vanities.  When it comes to the bathroom you need to look more at vertical shelving it will maximize the space you have to work with.

There are apps available from Lowes or Home Depot that you can use on your tablet where you put in the measurements of your bathroom and it can give you a three dimensional look at what your bathroom can look like after the renovations.  It makes it far easier to pick out new fittings and fixtures for your bathroom. Here is how that software works.

The Budget

It’s the budget that often determines the end result, but you can get the best bang for your buck.  You can shop around for the best prices, but don’t settle for low quality products.  Your bathroom is the most frequently used rooms in the house you need cabinetry and fixtures that will last.  Contractors are often able to negotiate discounts on materials so speak with your contractor to get the best looking bathroom possible.